SATMAGAN 135 is an instrument for the analysis of magnetite content in iron ores, copper and nickel smelting as well as further samples in shape of powder, granular or solid type.

Accurate measurement of ferrous material content in iron ore is extremely difficult and time-consuming by conventional chemical methods in the laboratory. This is overcome by measuring the total magnetic moment of the sample in a high magnetic field thereby measuring the magnetite content in the sample accurately, reliably and faster than measurement based on susceptibility of the material.

For over 40 years Satmagan has been in use in the mining industry around the world and has been proven to be a fast, accurate and reliable instrument for measuring the magnetite content in samples. With a measuring time of roughly one minute and an accuracy of 0.4 % or less Satmagan is considered to be an ideal instrument for securing an optimal return on investment.

The principle behind the Satmagan 135 is to measure the force acting on the sample in a magnetic field with a spatial gradient. The magnetic field is strong enough to saturate the magnetic component in a sample. A Satmagan can be used to measure any sample with only one magnetic component. Alternatively, it can measure a component with a dominant concentration and/or dominant specific magnetic moment.

Once Satmagan is calibrated it is easy and fast to use. Therefore it is an ideal instrument for analyzing mixtures of magnetic and non-magnetic components.