We produce our fluxes as micro-beads in a cleanroom. These fluxes are available in two purity grades to suit all applications: Pure 99.99 % and Ultra Pure 99.998+ %. Our micro-bead fluxes are non-hygroscopic, contain no dust and have excellent fluidity. We have additives integrated in the manufacturing. It's not a physical mixture, it's a fused mixture, ensuring the same flux composition each and every time. We even developed a proprietary embedment process to offer fluxes with integrated oxidizers.

Homogeneous flux is the first step to consistent analytical results.

Please see the following pages for further details on our premium fluxes.


Premium precious metals for superior analytical results

Platinumware Pt/Au 95 % / 5 %

HRT # Product description
700-325 Crucible, nominal weight 30 g
700-230 Mold, diameter 30 mm
700-232 Mold, diameter 32 mm
700-235 Mold, diameter 35 mm
700-240 Mold, diameter 40 mm
700-241 Crucible tongs with Pt shoes, length 300 mm
700-250 Precious metal polish, 75 ml

Should you require platinumware of any other specifications or weights, please let us know.


Zirconium and Nickel

For peroxide fusion, zirconium and nickel crucibles are used instead of platinumware. The peroxide fusion is a safe and efficient way for the preparation of solutions for ICP, AA and wet chemistry. Applications include fusions of chromium ores, precious metals (Pt, Pd, Rh), Nb, Ta, rocks, ferro-alloys and many more.

Our product range comprises different types of zirconium crucibles and Zr crucible covers. Depending on the individual application, we also supply nickel crucibles and Ni covers.

HRT # Product description
700-001 Zirconium crucible
700-002 Zirconium cover for Zr crucible
700-003 Nickel crucible
700-004 Nickel cover for Ni crucible


Designed for homogenization of flux and fusion sample materials in a platinum crucible. Micro processor control maintains set speed for strong, consistent mixing action. Touch mode activates mixing when depressing the cup head.

  • Flat 76mm diameter cup head with cover.
  • Sturdy metal zinc die cast casing
  • Wide speed range, infinitely adjustable
  • Continuous mode or touch mode