Combustion Analysis

HRT Labortechnik GmbH offers an extensive product portfolio of spare parts and consumables for C/S, O/N/H and TGA combustion analyzers as well as hollow-cathode lamps and graphite tubes for AA.

Please note that element concentrations of the standards listed in the overviews may vary in between lots. Thus, the matrices may not state the current values. Moreover, the standards listed in the following catalogues may have been sold out in the meantime. Please let us know about your needs. We verify the currently available lot and are happy to look for alternative standards in case the required lot might have been sold out.

Graphite, ceramics, glassware, quartz

Graphite crucibles and graphite parts

Hollow-cathode lamps, graphite parts AAS

Ceramics, glassware, and quartz products

Capsules, boats


Accessories and consumables for elemental analyzers

Brushes, O rings, parts

C/H/N analyzers

C/S analyzers

O/N/H analyzers